Enquiries and Contact

Where is TRACSLab?

The laboratory consists of two locations, namely a facility at the University of New South Wales (TRACSLab@UNSW) and a similar facility at the University of Sydney (TRACSLab@USYD). Both facilities are located in Sydney, Australia, and each is equipped with 5 driving simulators. TRACSLab@UNSW is further equipped with a bicycle simulator. All 11 simulators can be connected via the internet, creating a single virtual world in which 11 people can interact.

If you are interested in using the lab or would like more information please contact the lab manager of the relevant lab using the contact details below.


TRACSLab@USYD, part of the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS), is located in Darlington on the main campus of the University of Sydney. It hosts five driving simulators and has a number of pre-prepared 3D environments including an accurate 3D environment of the local area for use with the simulators. Custom 3D environments can also be used.

Director: Prof Michiel Bliemer
Lab Manager: Dr Adrian Ellison


TRACSLab@UNSW, part of the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI), is located in Kensington on the University of New South Wales Kensington campus. It hosts five driving simulators and one bicycle simulator.

Director: Dr Vinayak Dixit
Lab Manager: Dr Zhitao Xiong